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Swimming Pool and Spa - Frequently Asked Questions


We put together our Pool and Spa Customer FAQ for you, but please contact us about your swimming pool needs if we have not answered your questions.

1.   Is Doherty Enterprises, Inc. State Licensed and how long have you been in business?

Yes, we have had our Commercial and Residential Swimming Pool License since 1985 and we are fully insured. We are also known in the local community as, "Custom Pools by Danny", "Danny's Pools", and "Pools by Danny". Please take a moment to view our About Us page to learn more about how the company began.

2.   Does my new swimming pool have warranty coverage?

Yes! Our warranties are outlined in the Swimming Pool Instructions, which are given to you upon completion of your project.

3.   Will the contract outline sale terms, costs, what gets done, etc.?

Yes! The contract outlines the specific project you have selected as well as all extra features. Additionally, all sales terms and payment schedules are clearly defined.

4.   Who will build my new pool? Do you use sub-contractors?

If you're looking for a swimming pool craftsman, look no further. We are "Custom Builders", which means we will build a swimming pool (and spa, if required) to your specifications and within your budget. Once the Contract has been signed and the Building Permit has been secured, the construction process begins. The Custom Pool and Spa Design Service goes into more detail about what to expect and how the process works.

We only utilize select sub-contractors whom we have been associated with for over twenty years, some as far back as 1978. Danny Doherty will partner with you to create your very own backyard oasis and will follow the project from beginning to end. If Danny builds your swimming pool, you can rest assured you will be completely satisfied.

5.   I need a remodeling job for my existing swimming pool, can you help with that?

Definitely. We have the capability to remodel or resurface your existing swimming pool. If you are interested in converting your fiberglass or vinyl swimming pool to gunite, just give us a call.

6.   Are you a member of the Florida Swimming Pool Association (FSPA)?

Yes! Throughout their swimming pool careers, Danny and Millie Doherty (the company founders) have been members of the Florida Swimming Pool Association. Danny has served in the capacity of Director and Member of the Arbitration Committee.

7.   Can you provide references or testimonials from satisfied customers?

Certainly! Our Swimming Pool and Spa Testimonials show you what our customers have been telling us since we began; Danny and Millie Doherty have just one goal in mind when helping you to design your very own custom-built swimming pool or spa - total satisfaction.

8.   My yard space is unusual; can you help me come up with a unique design?

That's no problem - we specialize in custom-built designs. Therefore, we will work with you to accommodate your project into the specified area.

Danny designs every Swimming Pool and Spa project from scratch, which means he can add multiple Swimming Pool and Spa Features to any design.

9.   Will my new swimming pool or spa cost much to run?

Effective January, 2012, all new swimming pools constructed in Florida will require either a two-speed or a variable speed motor to reduce the electrical consumption.

10. Will you instruct us on the proper operation and maintenance of our new pool?

Definitely! As part of the service we provide after your new swimming pool has been built, "Danny" will give you full instructions on its proper operation and maintenance, and will hand you a step-by-step Manual for future reference.

If you have any concerns, he will be there until you are feeling confident. After the first three months, he will schedule an appointment to instruct you on the back washing procedures.

Still have questions? Get in touch today and request your Free Swimming Pool Estimate.


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